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Recent Posts

  1. Debra

    Back To Basics

    BACK TO BASICS There are times when we receive so much meat from the word of God that we try and feed this meat to those who are barely on milk and all this does is...
  2. Todd

    There’s not a lot of money in revenge

    I love the movie, “The Princess Bride.” I think it is a classic. That movie is full of quotable quotes, many of which I have “borrowed” to use for bedtime stories. I finally watched the movie...
  3. Todd

    Good Fizbar!

    Ok, you probably are wondering, what in the world is “fizbar?” Fizbar, quite simply is a made up word. It means whatever time of day it is where you are at. My boys and I made...
  4. Debra

    Sojourning Lark

    I’m a lonely sojourner in a land that use to be, but is no more to me. I am fearful of my predators, but protected by my Lord. Shall I speak with words of kindness to...
  5. Yilda

    The Manger

    When we consider Jesus’s birth, a simple manger without any decoration comes to the scene. I invite you not to take lightly this subject, and consider the purpose or meaning behind the manger. Picture it. What...


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The purpose of this website is to bring the urgent message of deep repentance, the grace of the cleansing stream of the Holy Spirit resulting in a strong realization of the redemptive purpose of individuals, cities and nations.


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