Did you know that when you accepted Jesus into your heart that you are no longer your own person anymore? Through regeneration or Spiritual renewal you have chosen to surrender every aspect of your being to that of being a faithful servant of God. Through your respect for what God has done in your own life you have now picked up your cross to be that disciple and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Through humility we have laid down our own lives, our own will and obedience to this world in exchange for Gods will in our lives and our obedience to him as we become that faithful servant that is no longer of this world, but through perseverance we strive daily through all the struggles of this world as we become loyal to the works of the Lord as he sees us through everything we face in this world.

We become disciples of Jesus the day we ask him into our hearts for we now can know the mind of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that teaches us all things that Jesus was and still is as a faithful servant of God and today he uses those who are faithful to him to serve others through us. We are Gods hands, mouth and feet as he works through us to reach out to others. Just as the disciples were commanded to go out into the world, we too have that same commission.

We have a choice in where we want to serve God, but not how we serve him for we can only serve others by allowing the love of God work through us to reach out to those who need hope in their own lives. What I mean by not how we serve only means that we can do nothing of our own selves, but through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can do all things that we might deem incapable of doing by allowing the Holy Spirit work through us.

We are a vessel and not only just a vessel, we need to be a vessel of honor that brings glory and honor to the Lord in all we do and in all things we speak to others as we need to lift up and edify each other in the love of the Lord, not tear down and discriminate against each other. The Lord will allow the wheat and tares grow together, but only God will separate and keep what is his.

About Debra Hasty

My name is Debra Hasty from Pennsylvania, USA. I am not affiliated with any Church particular, but do adhere to the word of God through the Holy Spirit teaching me all things I need to know at the given time God needs His word spoken to others. My goal in life is to teach the truth of Gods word that sometimes comes against the traditional teachings of the traditional doctrinal Church's, but all teachings are from the KJV of the Bible. I have been in so many Churches in my life with so many various teachings that differ from one another and for me to know truth there is no better place then going to Gods Spirit for all truths, amen. One of my favorite scriptures is be still and know I am God, Psalms 46:10, as when we are still we will hear His voice speak to us through His word for all truths. I never ask anyone to agree with me in my teachings, but to agree with the word of God as I back up my teachings with His scripture so all can read for themselves and ask the Holy Spirit, and not man, to show them truth. If ever there is need to explain any of my teachings please feel free to email me and we can discuss anything. In the subject line please type the name of the blog as I will not open emails I do not recognize. God bless and may His grace and mercy be overflowing in all your lives.
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  1. Sharlene says:

    These are the mighty acts of God that make the preaching of His Word effective. It will require the MOVING and the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT!…1 Corinthians 2 4-5 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words but with a 5 so that your faith might not rest on mens wisdom but on Gods power….1 Thessalonians 1 5 …our gospel came to you NOT SIMPLY WITH WORDS but also WITH POWER with the HOLY SPIRIT and with deep conviction…. 25 Then the LORD came down in the cloud and spoke with him and he took of the Spirit that was on him and put the Spirit on the seventy elders.

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