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My name is Debra Hasty from Pennsylvania, USA. I am not affiliated with any Church particular, but do adhere to the word of God through the Holy Spirit teaching me all things I need to know at the given time God needs His word spoken to others. My goal in life is to teach the truth of Gods word that sometimes comes against the traditional teachings of the traditional doctrinal Church's, but all teachings are from the KJV of the Bible. I have been in so many Churches in my life with so many various teachings that differ from one another and for me to know truth there is no better place then going to Gods Spirit for all truths, amen. One of my favorite scriptures is be still and know I am God, Psalms 46:10, as when we are still we will hear His voice speak to us through His word for all truths. I never ask anyone to agree with me in my teachings, but to agree with the word of God as I back up my teachings with His scripture so all can read for themselves and ask the Holy Spirit, and not man, to show them truth. If ever there is need to explain any of my teachings please feel free to email me and we can discuss anything. In the subject line please type the name of the blog as I will not open emails I do not recognize. God bless and may His grace and mercy be overflowing in all your lives.


Did you know that when you accepted Jesus into your heart that you are no longer your own person anymore? Through regeneration or Spiritual renewal you have chosen to surrender every aspect of your being to that of being a … Continue reading

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Imagine in your mind that one day you wake up and your world as you knew the night before has now changed forever. The sky is darkened and the moon gives no light any longer as a thick cloud of … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit is simply the Spirit of God and is referred to being part of the trinity that is Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost. John 4:23, 24 God is a Spirit and wants us to worship or … Continue reading

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Beginning of Sorrows

Matthew 24:8 all these are the beginning of sorrows. God is very specific in Matthew 24 of what things to look out for before the return of the Lord. Yes, we have always had all these things through out the … Continue reading

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What Happens When We Die

 2Corinthians 5:6-8 is used by many to say when we die we immediately go to be with the Lord in heaven, but these verses do not mean that at all. If you go back to verse one and two in … Continue reading

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